ribavirin for hepatitis c treatmentRivabirin is a world-famous remedy for battling viruses. Its anti-virus properties have been known since the 70s, when it was invented. This chemical is an approved remedy all over the world (for example, the ribavirin fda approval took place in 2002), and has now many generic analogs that do not require prescriptions. One of its most well-known generic versions is Copegus.

Ribavirin is a synthetic substance that acts as a destructor of DNA and RNA molecules of the virus cell bodies. This remedy is most frequently applied in cases with hep C, but other areas of application include treating other viruses, among which the hemorrhagic viruses like Lassa, Crimean-Congo, and Venezuelan fever. Physicians very often combine ribavirin for hepatitis c treatment with similar anti-virus remedies to enhance its efficacy in fighting the virus, amongst which Peginterferon, as well as Interferon.

Copegus is most frequently prescribed for fighting hep C. The producers of generic copegus in india have been making it since the patent for the original drug has expired. The exact mechanism thanks to which Ribavirin destroys the genetic nuclei of the hep C virus has not yet been discovered, but what scientists know is that it is helpful with both chronic and acute forms of hep C. It diffuses the RNA and DNA of the hep C virus in 2 stages. The first stage occurs 24-36 hours after the start of intake, the second stage follows 4-16 weeks later. If the remedy is consumed accompanied by Interferon, the initial destructive effect on virus cell structures can be further delayed to 4-6 weeks. Copegus is meant for long-term intake, and is not meant to be taken on its own, since it will not produce the necessary antiviral effect. The length of consumption can be altered with regard to the genetic type of the hep C virus in question – for genetic type 1, it will last around 48 weeks, in genetic types 2 and 3 – 24 weeks.

generic copegus in indiaOne pill of Copegus contains 200 miligrams of Ribavirin. The additional substances contained in the pill include magnesium, different forms of starch-based chemicals, iron. If you are overly sensitive to any of these components, be sure to inform your doctor about it. It is not advised to break or crush the pills before intake. The everyday dosage of ribavirin generic brands is usually 5-6 pills.

Copegus ought to be taken two times per day during food intake. It is known that fatty foods can delay the ingestion of the active ingredient, thus it is strongly advised to eliminate excessive oils from your meals. The doses which are suitable for you can only be determined by your attending physician, since they strongly depend on the health state as well as supporting remedies that are taken simultaneously.

While taking Copegus, pay attention to the possible negative effects like weight loss, insomnia, nervousness, loss of attention concentration ability, headaches, vertigos and apnea. The most frequent negative effects are manifested in less than 10 % of the treated.